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PAYAS are the easy bamboo pan-pipe kit for kids and adults to make. Include one 6-inch-long bamboo pipe split in half and eight pipes ranging in length from about 7 inches to 1 inch. After tying a double knot around the largest pipe with colored cord or thread, the pipes are place between the two strips of bamboo.

Using a cord or thread and wrapped it around the pipe diagonally twice, forming an X. After repeating that on every pipe, with the remaining thread wrapped around either side of the bamboo strips holding the pipes in place and tied off.

PAYAS are made from a single row of graduated lengths of bamboo pipes, tuned in a pentatonic scale. Payas are very popular Andean instrument play by Andean musicians and Andean groups in the regions of South America and around the globe.


Pan-Pipe Kit - PK01

Include: 2 bamboo sticks, 8 bamboo pieces, a cord or thread

Size: Size: H 7”x W4” (Small)

For ages: 5 years old and up!

Price: $ 10.00